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Dec 21, 2021

Jared Olson

🕑 1 hour 1 minute

Jared Olson is a senior consultant at the military consulting firm DSoft, who is currently working with the United States Space Force. Before that he worked for NASA.

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Dec 7, 2021

🕑 38 minutes

It's the holiday special! End-of-the-year recap, seasonal public domain music, and we discover the true meaning of Christmas.

Nov 23, 2021

Ike HechtYaron Koren

🕑 2 hours 2 minutes

After 100 episodes, it's finally my turn to be on the show! I (Yaron) am a MediaWiki - and more specifically "Enterprise MediaWiki" - developer, consultant, author, evangelist and of course podcaster. My interviewer, Ike Hecht, is a fellow MediaWiki consultant and developer who was himself on...

Nov 9, 2021

Ankan Ghosh Dastider Marshall Miller

🕑 1 hour 13 minutes

Marshall Miller is the product manager for the Growth team at the Wikimedia Foundation. Ankan Ghosh Dastider is a community ambassador with the Growth team for the Bengali-language Wikipedia.

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Oct 26, 2021

🕑 1 hour 25 minutes

Jonathan Wilson is a British solicitor who runs the wiki Mental Health Law Online.

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