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"Branded" ALL MAVEN's podcast

Nov 4, 2020

Imagine A World where you and your dreams matter.

“The trifecta™ of unstoppable, aligned is unstoppable. 

It's the foundation, the basis of everything we do at Call Me Unstoppable™ - The Trifecta™ of Unstoppable.  And when all three elements - Heartset, Mindset, and Skillset - are aligned, you are truly unstoppable!.”
~ Logan and Anna from Call Me Unstoppable

Who are these “unstoppable” sisters? 

Logan was in private practice for about 10 years, and before that a former corporate gal in human resources who left in 2010 to open Logan Re-coaching. Then in 2018 they opened Call Me Unstoppable.

Because Anna comes from an entrepreneurial background, she’s the peer support specialist. She’s gone through everything a coach can go through. She’s the creative side. The “find the dots” kind of person.

Because Logan has more of a corporate background, she is the “connect the dots” kind of person.

Yup. Unstoppable!

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