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Food For Thought

Feb 1, 2023

Jaclyn Beck, executive consultant and career coach sits down with Ashley to discuss how to know if you’re in the right career, if your distress is just burnout or highlighting the wrong path, and the most important questions to ask yourself to uncover this truth. Jaclyn and Ashley share common signs to know when someone is in the wrong career, what someone can do if they want to pivot career paths, why too many choices are unhelpful, and how your values apply to finding a satisfying and fulfilling career. They discuss how common it is to change careers as your values change over time, why it’s important to know both your strengths and weaknesses, and Jaclyn’s philosophy as to why relationships are so important. At the end of the show, Jaclyn has a mini coaching session with Ashley to demonstrate how a potential client can figure out how to find their best self in the workplace.

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