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Food For Thought

Oct 19, 2022

Fuck cancer. It can be hard to have hope with a cancer diagnosis when it impacts all parts of your life, especially relationships when people see you as a walking reminder of mortality. Sometimes we don’t know what to say or even have the words to offer when someone we love is diagnosed with cancer. This week, Jill Sinnamon, a licensed mental health counselor, is here to share her story of when she was diagnosed with breast cancer during graduate school and how she managed to stay resilient during the times when she wanted to break apart. She shares what's helpful and what’s not helpful to say to someone who has cancer and why she continued going to school despite her professors telling her to take time off. She also opens up about what it’s like being an eating disorder specialist, helping people to feel safe in their bodies, as well as her own struggle to feel safe in her body after being given a cancer diagnosis. Jill and Ashley share insightful messages behind the importance of the grieving process, negative societal messages about living in a bigger body, and the privilege that comes with feeling safe in one’s body.

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