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The eXcessive and a Little eXtra podcast is for the Gen-X woman! We talk with Gen-X women who are living their dreams and other women who have information that will help listeners live lives that are fuller and more complete. Host Karyn Beach eXplores and entertains through conversations with eXceptional women. You want to talk about it? We will. Want to have fun while doing it? We'll do that too!

If it concerns you, if you've been wondering about it, if it inspires or motivates, if it informs, you'll find it on this podcast.

Jun 28, 2022

Do you listen to your heart or your head? Well, our guest, compassionate neuroscientist and a meditation teacher, Dr. Nicole Tetreault says you should trust your gut! And I agree. We have a great discussion about gut logic, overcoming perfectionism and imposter syndrome. She is also the author of Insight into a Bright Mind.


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