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May 2, 2024

Previously, Kati had a series of episodes on nursing communication. This mega dose combines all episodes into one for easy listening! The topics include:

  • How to talk to your nursing colleagues, CNAs, and medical unit receptionists and deal with things like how to navigate when your urgency level changes or challenges in working together

  • Learning what everyone on the healthcare team actually wants to know when they want an update (PT, OT, ST, Case Management, Social Work, medical team, and more)

  • Cool vs. not cool ways to handle things 

  • Simple things you can do and say to look and feel more comfortable as the patient’s nurse

  • Tips on delivering tough news and how to be in those big moments while holding it together and being a strong but caring presence for your patient

  • How to engage with your own family and loved ones who might not understand all that you go through at a normal day of work

These episodes were originally recorded in 2021 and are still very relevant for today’s new nurse. 

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